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  Printing of NCR Pads, Books and Numbered Sets

From simple black & white sets to full colour pads & books including perforating & numbering. We have a complete and competitive solution to meet your needs.

• Pads,
• Books,
• Sets
• Numbering,
• Perforating
• Flexibility of short or long runs
• Various binding solutions
• 2,3 or 4 part collated sets
• Taylor made to your requirements
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Technical Tip…

What is NCR paper?
NCR paper is a multiple-part paper form that does not use carbon paper. The ink is adhered to the reverse side of the previous sheet. Originally developed by NCR Corporation and known as "NCR brand, carbonless paper," it has also been called "no carbon required" paper.
It is widely used to create hand written invoices, order pads and delivery notes.

Barry Hayman, Director

  Bespoke Numbering

Using traditional methods (in-line numbering pictured below), we are able to offer a bespoke numbering service. Using modern digital methods including ‘data merging’ we can fully customise the typeface, style & size.
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Pictured: This picture shows a 3-part NCR pad complete with a fold out backing card.

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