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  With a wealth of experience - we can work with you to produce custom printed product packaging to all your retail packaging requirements, including…

• Point of Sale
• Header Cards
• Branded Gift Items
• Boxes, Bases & Lids
• Food Grade Packaging
• Pharmaceutical Packaging
• Die-Cut Specials
• Foiling and Spot Varnishing
• Prototypes and short runs
• High volume manufacturing products
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Fineprint delivers a full range of services for Retail Packaging. Using our services will ensure your product packaging fulfils all your design needs. Our custom product packaging solutions mean we can offer printed bespoke packaging from one off prototypes through to large run print quantities.

Our continual investment in the latest technologies means at Fineprint we can custom print boxes and packaging in a great range of forms and sizes, from simple header cards to crash lock boxes.

We can offer exceptional levels of service with our additional print services including plate making, spot varnishing, foiling and embossing.

It is our aim to give our customers the best value for their money and work in close partnership the them to reduce costs where possible. We have a large range of die templates available saving time and money on plate making. We can also supply the printed packaging in semi-finished form to reduce labour costs further down the supply chain.

At Fineprint customer satisfaction is our main focus so if you have any questions at any stage, be it at the initial design stage and creating your printed retail packaging or you are simply ready to print, then please give us a call on 0115 9111700 or email us – we’d be delighted to help in any way we can!

Below are some of the products we’ve printed…

  Point of Sale Sock Header Cards…

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Pictured: These Hilly’s Sock Cards have been printed in full colour (CMYK) plus each one has had a special fluorescent ink, giving them a modern contemporary look and helping them stand out on the shelves.
Pictured: This point of sale sock header card, printed in full colour, was designed with a die cut Euro-Slot. It folds up and interlocks together then is designed to hangs on rails.
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Pictured: These Gaelic Themes Sock Cards were printed in full colour and are designed to hang on shelves using a plastic hook (inserted after the printing process).
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Pictured: These Brasher Sock Cards were printed in full colour on a 450 micron box board back to back, glued & folded. The finished product is therefore 900 microns thick.
Pictured: This close up shows the contour effect created using a spot U.V. varnish.
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Pictured: These point of sale sock header cards, were not printed at all! Instead they had a foil blocked design applied directly on to a premium 350gsm black board.
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Pictured: This Berghaus point of sale sock header card was printed on a natural Kraft board with an opaque white ink. The white ink also acted as a base layer for the other colours printed on the top. It was designed so that the top section had a double layer of card when folded & glued - giving extra strength to the Euro-slot.
Pictured: These two sock wraps demonstrate that printing does not have to be expensive to be effective and great looking. They are both printed in black only. The sock wrap on the left hand side has been matt laminated for a silky smooth finish and has simple parallel crease lines. The one on the right was printed on an uncoated, recycled white board.
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  Small Boxes & Cartons…

Pictured: A tuck-flap box, printed, gloss laminated and die-cut & creased. Supplied flat packed, ready for quick assembly.
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Pictured: An example of a small crash-lock box.

Crash lock boxes can be provided flat packed and be quickly & easily folded in to a box without the need for any additional glue or adhesive strips.
Pictured: A tuck-flap box. Printed and gloss laminated for that extra luxurious finish. The box also has a gold foil blocked and embossed logo on the front, back & top.
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Pictured: Food Grade Packaging; printed on board, die-cut and creased ready for wrapping around a pot of Paté.


We can make prototypes for most kinds of packaging utilising our digital technologies and printing facilities.
Pictured: Packaging mock-ups. Printed on 500 micron box board and then cut & creased
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We’d love to hear from you…

If you are interested in any of our retail packaging printing services, or would like a quote, then please get in touch:

Telephone us: 0115 9111700 or Email us: [email protected]

or please complete this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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